Patient Journey

Depending on the severity and duration of your problem you will attend either the GP or the hospital Emergency Department. They may contact Dr Kenny for interim advice, prior to referral.

Meet Dr Kenny

Most referrals to Dr. Kenny come from word of mouth from previous patients, GPs or hospital doctors that have been happy with his high level patient care.

IF your attend your GP, please obtain a referral prior to your appointment at Dr. Kenny’s clinic. This is required by Medicare in order for your rebate to be processed.

IF you attend the hospital, the hospital doctors will make the referral to Dr. Kenny.

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First Appointment Information

Often further imaging such as Xray, CT scan, MRI or USS may be required. Blood tests or other special tests may be used in decision making.

Dr Kenny believes that all patients should be well educated about their condition and operative and non operative treatment options.

If you are managed non operatively, Dr. Kenny will continue to work with your medical team to review and monitor your progress as is appropriate.

If surgery is the best option then Dr. Kenny will provide you a detailed explanation of the procedure and what will be involved pre and post operatively. You can view educational video regarding different procedures here.

Preoperative care

Good preoperative care will support you to get best surgical results.

Pre-admission Information

Dr. Kenny may refer you to other medical professionals in the team, including the Anaesthetist.

What is an Anaesthetist?

Dr. Kenny operates at Greenslopes Private Hospital.

Greenslopes Private Hospital

Dr. Kenny works closely with the Anaesthetist and expert nurses to optimise your surgical experience.

Good post operative care will support you to get the best surgical results.

Post Operative Instructions

Dr. Kenny may refer you to other medical professionals in the team.

Depending on the nature of your surgery, Dr. Kenny will often refer you for post operative therapy. Dr. Kenny liaises closely with the team to keep track of your progress, commitment is an integral component of your recovery.

The first post operative review is often at 2 weeks. Further appointments are made at appropriate intervals thereafter.

Please telephone Dr Kenny’s rooms or contact him on his email at any time if you have concerns that you want to discuss.

If the issue is urgent, please attend the Emergency Department.