Please contact me via my rooms or email if you have any concerns or problems. If the problem is an emergency then please attend the Emergency Department.


  • Pain

    • You have been prescribed analgesia. Please take according to instructions.
    • If you are uncertain about instructions or have questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Kenny via email
      or via his rooms.
  • Wound care

    • Please do not get your wound wet. You can shower or bathe, but you will need to make modifications to ensure that your wound does not get wet.
    • Please leave your dressings on, and do not touch the wound.
    • Elevate the surgical site as much as possible in the first 72 hrs post operatively. This may help to decrease swelling and pain.
  • Hand therapy or physiotherapy

    • Please make an appointment and attend your post operative therapy.
    • It is a key component of rehabilitation and will help to get you the best results.
    • There is a referral form in this post operative pack.
    • The recommended date to commence therapy and protocol that the therapist should follow is written on the referral form.
  • On the day of surgery

    • Please obtain an X ray on the day of, or day prior to your post operative 2 week review.
    • A referral form has been provided.
    • You do not need to make an appointment.
  • Post operative appointment in my rooms

    • Please call my rooms and make an appointment for 2 weeks post operatively.
    • The recommended date is written on the back of my business card that is included in your discharge
  • Medications

    • If antibiotics are prescribed, please take the full course as directed.
    • Take your normal prescription medications as usual, unless you have been otherwise advised. If you have any concerns please the rooms, or contact Dr. Kenny via email.
  • General

    • Maintain good nutrition and a balanced diet. We suggest you avoid alcohol and smoking for as long as possible.


Download Regional Anaesthesia Information PDF